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Slender World Home Body Wrap Kit

$120 + shipping

Receive the benefits of patented European Spa body wrap treatments...
at home!

Johnathan E. Sain, son of owner Christine Sain-Heires Johnathan E. Sain

Men & Women are sure to benefit.

Christine C. Sain-Heires, President, Slender World, Inc.

At last -- a body wrap that works! Why struggle with exercise and crash diets, when the Slender World body wrap can give you inches off much easier? Now you can enjoy the luxurious feeling of a European Spa. MEN: You will finally be able to improve the shape of your body as well. This program has been used by men to successfully reduce "love handles," "beer guts," and other problems. You, too, can finally benefit from the proven science of this program.

In our clinic, these body wraps would cost $899! Your cost is only $120 + s/h (makes up to 5-6 wraps: only $20-24 per wrap). The only thing you are not getting is in-clinic service.

The Slender World body wrap is a new approach to an old problem. Inch reduction, weight control, exercise and cellulite control have long been major problems. In the past, these problems called for strict diets, exhausting exercise, deep massage and sauna or steam baths. The is an advanced development that works on shrinking the adipose fat tissue called cellulite that is found directly below the surface of the skin. The inch loss you will experience is not a temporary water loss such as you would experience after a steam bath. In fact, we recommend drinking several glasses of water immediately following your body wrap, to enhance the natural flushing action provided by the treatment.

Slender World's unique contour lotion has been successfully used in salons nation-wide for the past 30years. Many customers have reported losing 2 pants sizes in only 5 weeks! You too can have results like these!

With your Slender World body wrap, you lose inches from your problem areas.

Get ready to indulge! When you reward yourself with a Slender World body wrap, you will notice results almost immediately. Softer, smoother skin, and the inches seem to almost melt away!

Available on a limited basis.

  1. Body contouring lotion (4 oz): This patented product is highly concentrated and has been used successfully in our salons for decades. One bottle makes 5-6 body wraps. Ten contour treatments should produce a loss of 2 pants sizes (US). Weight loss will vary from person to person.  8 oz and 12 oz bottles also available for purchase (call for details).
  2. Instruction Card: This quick-start guide gives you brief instructions for applying the body wrap.
  3. Nutritional Guidance: This guidebook provides all the secrets of a successful weight loss program.
  4. Sinless Recipes cookbook: With cover artwork by reknowned artist James Landenberger.


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