What is Sinless Recipes?

Sinless Recipes from Iowa is a locally-produced, book of wholesome and healthy recipes and success stories from Slender World clients. Cover design by famous Iowa nature artist James Landenberger. Over 120 pages in length, this collection is made up of hundreds of delicious, easy-to-make items submitted by Slender World clients (from Iowa, naturally).

Why Another Cookbook?

Sinless Recipes From Iowa is not just any cookbook! Three reasons make this cookbook stand out from all other cookbooks on the market: 1) Fantastic cover art by a local artist (James Landenberger); 2) Healthy recipes from women who have lost weight on the Slender World program; and 3) amazing stories of successful women. Cookbooks are the second most popular book (next to the bible) on the market! Makes a great gift. The recipes are specially formulated with less salt, less sugar, and low fat. The book is chock full of wisdom. In addition, part of the profits from the sale of this cookbook are donated to HACAP's Homeless Children's Trust.

About James Landenberger (cover artist)

Landenberger is well known for wildlife paintings, such as Iowa Waterfowl and Trout stamps. Never before has James Landenberger been commissioned by an individual. He knew Christine was new at her business, and the clients need to be recognized for their efforts to lose weight and improve themselves. Mr. Landenberger is best known for his beautiful paintings of nature subjects.