Welcome to the Diet Exercise System

Christine Sain-Heires, Owner This is the Diet Exercise System meal plan by Slender World.

About the Diet Exercise System

Slender World now has available a tailored, individualized meal plan that supplies you with the proper ratio of nutrients based on your age, height and activity level and foods you select. Our biochemist sets up balanced portion sizes and menus that you follow to obtain your desired weight (be this loss, gain, or maintenance) reducing many diet-related health risks. Once you purchase your diet, you will select your favorite foods from a list. Your individualized meal plan is mailed back to you for immediate use. You then simply purchases the foods on the meal plan at your favorite grocery store and begin to enjoy the results. The benefits to you include an enhanced image, and more opportunities to look your best! You should see benefits after a week or two of following the meal plan. A perfect match to our Home Body Wrap Kit! The features of DES include a food selection list that you fill out online. The meal plan is administered by a biochemist exclusively for Slender World.

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Diet Exercise System Benefits

  1. You get an enhanced image.
  2. Select your favorite foods from a list.
  3. You see benefits after a week or two of following the meal plan.

Diet Exercise System Features

  1. No expensive pre-packaged foods to purchase.
  2. Biochemist prepares your meal plan.
  3. Individualized for your unique goals.