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Cellulite Control Creme

The Cellulite Creme is an algae based product with all natural ingredients intended to reduce the appearance of that unsightly "cottage cheese" effect cellulite can have on us. Ingredients include aminophylline -- scientifically effective against cellulite. Aromatic oils help to generate circulation, which is important in the fight against cellulite.

Cellulite is basically a social term, but not a medically accepted term. Medically speaking, it is more specifically termed as "toxified fatty deposits." Research now indicates that "toxified fatty deposits" formation in women is due to monthly hormonal changes along with normally high estrogen levels. Theese toxic accumulations of the normal fat centers of the body seem to occur naturally. While in men, excessive fat accumulation will precipitate excessive toxicity of fatty deposits, in time will tend to atropy (or pit) the surfaces of the muscle base over which they are retained, and this in conjunction with inhibiting elasticin allows for the overlying tissue to accentuate every bump, dip, and bulge of the atrophied muscle base, and thus producing the effect of what is commonly termed cellulite.

Because cellulite is an abnormal condition causing a slow breakdown and weakness in the connective tissue that holds the skin firm, regular diet and exercise are not enough. One must eliminate the excessive accumulation of toxins and fluids that prevent the spontaneous correction of this abnormal condition, and since cellulite in the body is formed gradually over a long period of time, it cannot disappear completely after a few applications. Therefore, 2-3 months of twice-weekly applications are needed - perfect for Spring.

Now, perfected after 30 years of ongoing improvements, this is the leading cellulite creme on the market! See and feel the reduction after your first treatment.  Feel and see the smoothness.  For the first time this product is available to Slender World non-members.

4 oz jar: $39 (+$2.50 s/h).

November Special! 4 oz jar of Firming Creme for just $25 (plus shipping). Click on the Add to Cart button below, or Mail check or money order to P.O. Box 316, Marion, IA 52302.   Be sure to mention this special when you order.   Please include your name, address and phone number for faster delivery.

Made in the USA.

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