Diet Exercise System

Slender World has available a tailored, individualized meal plan that supplies a client with the proper ratio of nutrients based on their age, height and activity level based on foods they select. Our Biochemist on retainer sets up balanced portion sizes and menus the client follows to obtain their desired weight (be this loss, gain, or maintenance) reducing many diet-related health risks. This diet could be an add-on which your company and Slender World would promote - your clients would purchase a diet, select their favorite foods from a list, and send their selections to Slender World. We then work up and mail the resulting individualized meal plan back to them (or you). The client then simply purchases these foods at any grocery store and begins to enjoy the results.

Includes snacks, sweets, bread, even alcohol!
This meal plan would sell for more than $135, if done in a hospital by a nutritionist.

Submit the cost of this meal plan to your insurance or Flex account.

The benefits to you include an enhanced image, and more opportunities to look your best! Your part is really quite simple -- select your favorite foods using a list provided by us, and send us your choices for processing. You should see benefits after a week or two of following the meal plan.

The meal plan is administered by a Biochemist exclusively for Slender World.

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