What's been written about Slender World?

Slender World has been featured in many newspaper and magazine articles over the years (as well as TV news stories). Here is a short list of some of the most interesting.

Title File type Description Publication
View from the Top IE logo Christine shares some of her background in Europe and how she came to be the owner of Slender World. Women's Edition, May 2002
An Interview with Christine IE logo This conversation reveals some of Christine's philosophy on weight loss, self-esteem and success. Women's Edition
View from the Top pdf logo Giving power back to women, debunking the myths of weight problems and enhancing self-esteem. Women's Edition, February 2006
Video: FOX-TV News story wmv logo New Years resolutions and goal achievement. FOX-TV News, January 12, 2007
Video: FOX-TV News story wmv logo An Interview with Eadie Fawcett. FOX-TV News, 2006
Video: TV Commercial: 27 Years in Business wmv logo As seen on TV!
Pour Toujours Adobe PDF Christine discusses making things happen. City Revealed, Nov 2008
A Colorful Lifestyle Adobe PDF Christine discusses coaching, motivation and success. City Revealed, May 2009
Slender World and a Healthier Lifestyle Adobe pdf 30 Years of Results City Revealed, Jan 2010
What Does it Mean for a Woman to Feel Good? Adobe pdf A Place for Women to Regroup City Revealed, Aug 2010
Who Needs Slender World? Adobe pdf Dr. Kim Recognizes Slender World City Revealed, Jan 2011


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